Yes, there are so many similar projects on market, so we will face the same question for a thousand times, what is your difference?

1.Our unique transaction fee mode

Not like other projects which use a fixed fee rate, which has no fun! HRFI has a self-adaptive model to define the transaction fees. The fees are changed for every transaction with a range of 0.5%~5% depends on the transaction size. It will be a game playing between whales and fishes to get the benefit, you must consider the transaction size first.

2. Our Anti-whale mechanism

The bigger transaction size has…

Presented by Resonate Finance, HRFI is a longevous token that has multi-functions while the most import one called Resonate.

Effortless Yield Generation. Hold and Watch Your Income Rise.

Our name is deduced from the fact that fees charged from transactions are SYNCHRONOUSLY shared among token holders via our Rebase Mechanism. This resonates a positive impact on the wallet balance of every token holding platform members.

Resonate Finance operates by charging a fee with Variable Rate on all transaction activities. Fee sharing is instant as it is executed by a smart contract that triggers a rebase which causes a resonance in…

Resonate Finance

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